There are many ways to help improve the lives of marginalized people in developing countries!

New Yardsticks® envisions a world in which marginalized women take action themselves to improve their lives and their children’s lives. For a sustainable future, having a livelihood is necessary but not enough. Other basic needs such as access to clean water, proper sanitation and basic health care, also need to be met. New Yardsticks® looks at the back story of unmet social needs and acts holistically to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals conceived by the United Nations.

New Yardsticks® strives to enable small-scale effects broaden out into sweeping long-term changes. This is done by forming a bridge between the Netherlands where resources are plentiful and India where these resources can be put to great use in empowering marginalized women and children.

More on how New Yardsticks® acts is to be found under the button ‘Approach’.

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